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Forbus Farms is a family owned and operated medical marijuana grow headquartered near Tulsa, Oklahoma. We focus on growing high-quality, indoor cannabis using hydroponics.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of genetics and strains so we can better serve all consumers. We won’t grow it if we don’t think it’s good.

With science and elbow grease, we have created an ecosystem to help us deliver on our commitments of quality, purity, consistency, and customer satisfaction.

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We grow our cannabis using deep water culture. Growing medical marijuana using hydroponics has benefits for the patient.
  • Less risk of infestation.

    Growing hydroponically, there is less risk of pest infestation than growing in soil. As a result, this reduces the needs for pesticides.

  • Higher quality product.

    Growing indoors using hydroponics gives us a greater control over all variables, resulting in a better quality product for the patient.

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